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The Managing Director, Ghana Commercial Bank has hinted that it is about time both industry and academia embrace each other so that the choice of programmes and courses offered in tertiary institutions would be informed by the type of opportunities available in industry for young graduates and the actual needs of society at large.

Mr. Anselm Ransford Sowah was speaking at the 15th congregation held at Dansoman campus on Saturday, March 24, 2018. He said that society had of late been yearning to see industry and academia forging closer ties so as to close the gap that had up till now existed between the two.

According to him, with the current trends in the digital age, there are existed significant transformations taking place in the service industry; and in the banking sector in particular. He said that the dictates of these prevailing circumstances make it vital for tertiary institutions to revisit the way they design their programmes and courses, if graduates were to fit into the job-market. He stated that the  only way forward to making today’s graduates relevant in the  modern day economy is to impress upon industry and academia to work in concert and in collaboration with each other for their own common good, to the benefit of their clients and graduates and for the betterment of society.

Mr. Sowah said that there is the need to step up all efforts at forging this collaboration and update the methods of delivery of services to clients and students so as to be abreast with current trends and leverage performance. “We must move forward from the idea of optimum results to the aim of maximum output in our service delivery. Our focus must be on maximum satisfaction of our clientele; in this case, the student for MUCG .When we are able to do this, we can provide a better future for them and so contribute to the betterment of our society” he stated.

However Mr. Sowah mentioned that he  sees a ray of hope for both Ghana Commercial Bank and MUCG rising from the horizons and was so optimistic that events of today will signal both entities into developing closer working ties that would lead to the mutual benefit of the two institutions. He encouraged the invitation to more of such occasions as he dreamt of how best his institution can also fit MUCG into their corporate programmes and activities.

He said the Ghana Commercial Bank so much cherish the invitation by MUCG to a glorious occasion like the Congregation but would shall appreciate it better if they could forge a working relationship with MUCG. He also mentioned that Ghana Commercial Bank would like to support MUCG to stand tall among academic institutions in Ghana and beyond, provided the doors would be open to them. In demonstrating their goodwill to support and work with MUCG from now on, Ghana Commercial Bank donated an amount of One Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢100,000.00) to MUCG on the special day with fraternal greetings from their Board, Management and staff and hoped the donation would help cushion financially and push MUCG a step forward in their  development efforts. On the part of the graduands he assured them that their doors are always opened to them. “With the requisite skills and depending on the availability of vacancies you are always welcome to work with us” he added.

On his part, the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana and Chairman of the Methodist University College Council believed that the future was very bright for Ghanaian trained graduates today if only they can take advantage of opportunities that are presented before them. He said that opportunities still thrives in the job market but it is up to graduands to seize them. “You need to know yourself, know what the job market has for you and what you have to offer. Make a good use of every time and do not let glorious opportunities pass you by. ‘Time and tide wait for no man.’  Have a purpose and pursue it until you achieve it. We are looking forward to our graduates to be worthy ambassadors of MUCG so you can be assured of the good will of your alma mater as well as the prayers of the church” he mentioned.

He stated that Methodist University College Ghana believes in the holistic development of the individual; MUCG do not only train for academic laurels but also inculcate in the students, Christian principles that will make them exhibit sound moral values in their character, wherever they find themselves after here. The students are trained to fear God, serve God and man with integrity and excel in whatever they do for themselves and society.

According to him, with the public sector employment avenues choked of late, MUCG is attaching so much importance to the introduction of entrepreneurship programmes in its curricula. This is to develop an entrepreneurship mindset in students, trigger innovation and creativity in our students, make them independent minded to explore all genuine avenues for wealth creation so as to make life worth living for themselves and others. MUCG is looking forward to its graduates who would not be over-dependent on government and remain unemployed but venture into entrepreneurship so as to create jobs for themselves and even employ others